Spring has Sprung!

There is nothing like a little extra sunlight and a few more degrees of warmth to inspire dancing to shake off those winter blahs and welcome the new season!  

These past two weeks have been busy ones at DDPP, with Natalie & Sharon from the Inquirer coming out on 3/15 to take in the DDPP experience.  At first it felt a little weird to be dancing with the lights glaring and a camera in the room, but after a while people relaxed and got into it and we barely noticed the paparazzi.  The article will be in the Style & Soul section on April 1st, so be sure to check it out!  

Yesterday was a smaller crowd, but the energy remained awesome with old faithfuls and newbies sharing space on the well-lit dance floor (we love you daylight savings!).  DJ Smashy took the reigns yesterday, with yours truly (DJ hapajawn) doing the honors on 3/15 with major input from the always skilled DJ Smallie Bigs.  Check out our musical stylings below, and let us know if you want to DJ sometime soon!  

See you next Sunday…





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