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Dear Philadelphians, Philadelphites, Philaens, etc.  We are pleased to announce that Dance Dance Party Party will be returning to your great city this spring!  Starting April 7, 2011, you’ll be able to get your dance on every Thursday at 7 p.m. UPDATE: 7:15-8:15, at Major Moment Studio (1624 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19146).

Any questions in the meantime?  Feel free to contact us:


The dance floor goes dark….


It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you all that after this Thursday (1/7/10), DDPP Philly is no more.  We’ve struggled for a while to get people on the dance floor, but more than that our hectic lives and schedules have made ensuring DDPP be a raging success week after week near impossible.  There will be ONE LAST SESSION this Thursday from 5:30 – 7 pm.  

We have loved dancing with you all over the last couple of years, and it’s our hope that this is merely a temporary hiatus and that at some point DDPP will be reborn.  There is already talk of something starting up in the northwest part of the city that would be DDPP-inspired.  Hopefully you’ll be hearing more about that in the months to come.  You ladies are some of the most inspiring, energetic, and fabulously fun people we’ve ever had the pleasure to share a dance floor with.  Keep shakin’ your money makers all over town, and keep us on the invite list(s) for all those dance parties!  

Big love,

Michi & Rachel


Due to the weather there WILL BE NO DDPP TONIGHT (12/20).  Go cozy up with someone special tonight, have a fabulous holiday week, and we’ll see you back on the dance floor next Sunday!




The holiday season means traveling, time with family, and the inevitable shifting around of the DDPP schedule.  Here are the changes for the next few weeks:

  • This Sunday (12/13) Rach & Michi will be out of town, but we’re hopeful that we can still make DDPP happen with the help of our DDPP faithfuls.  Plan on being there if you already were, and if we need to cancel we’ll do so via email and the blog by Saturday night.
  • Sunday, 12/27 & Sunday 1/3 remain tentative at this point, but we will keep you posted in plenty of time to make plans via email and the blog.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


HUGE apologies, but it looks like something has come up and we won’t be able to do DDPP this evening (Sun, 11/29).  We’ll be back on the dance floor this Thursday and next Sunday, so we hope to see you then!

Dance off that turkey!

Its been a long weekend of gluttony and overindulgence for lots of us.  One long, wonderful weekend.  But we have to head back to work/school/real life on Monday, so to help get yourself prepared come dance it up with the ladies at DDPP!  We’ll be there at the usual time (6 – 7:30 pm), in the usual place (The Arts Parlor, 1170 S. Broad St).  Hope you can make it!

and another mix….

this one from way back on 9/27:


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