The only certainty in life is change my ladies, and we’ve definitely gotten a lesson in that this week.  We’ve come up against some serious scheduling challenges, so DDPP is going on a bit of a hiatus and then we’re changing days.  There WILL be DDPP this Sunday (April 6th), but that will be the last Sunday session!  We won’t be meeting for a few weeks after that, but starting in mid-May we’ll return full force EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT!

While we’re sad to be DDPP-less for a few weeks, there is an upside to all this.  We’re finally getting our wish of weekday dancing! Starting Wed, May 14th (@6 – 7:30 pm) we’ll be getting our groove on each and every Wednesday.  Could there be a better way to observe hump day than spending it actually doing the Humpty Dance?!  I think not…..

So, my sincerest apologies to all you incredibly fabulous ladies who have come so faithfully every Sunday.  You have made these first few months of DDPP truly amazing.  You have also made it possible for me to look forward to Sunday nights rather than dread them, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Our Sunday sessions will be sorely missed, but I am holding out hope that when the Parlor’s schedule calms down a bit (sometime in the fall I think), we’ll be able to get back to dancing every Sunday. 

In the mean time, come dance with us for one last Sunday this week, and mark your calendars for May 14th when DDPP will make it’s fierce return!!!!




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